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October 24th, 2012, 08:07 PM
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unfortunately my daughter is just like me, in the evenings she is wide awake. bed time is a total battle around our house. she slept with us for the first year+ and from the moment she was put into her crib and now big girl bed, she has screamed and screamed.

we have a bed time routine and that works for me sometimes, not at all for my husband. it has gotten to be such a process. lately she has been sleeping with us becuase she has been sick and I was worried about her breathing she was just diagnosed with asthma. she is better now and I want my bed back. even when we put her in our bed if we aren't in there she throws a fit. a long lasting heart wrenching fit.

I need advice. she is such an easy child but it's like she feels abandoned at bed time.

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