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October 25th, 2012, 07:28 PM
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My divorce is ex gets my kids 48 hours a week for visitation. My fiance isn't divorced yet, his ex walked out on him and their 2yr old daughter. She sees her once a week usually and only for an hour or so (he has told her anytime she wants to see her she can) she chooses to only see her that amount. Lately she has asked for overnight but fiance does not feel comfortable with that since temporary papers have not been drawn up yet. We now have the money to get everything going but she is wanting her 50/50 to avoid having to pay any support and is moving 10 hours away so she wants her a week at a time. The problem with that is she isn't on her medication regularly like she should..she is in and out of depaul threatening suicide, she has a different guy in her life every week. He doesn't feel comfortable with his 2 yr old being that far away for that long. With all that said he is scared since she is the mother if she wants to fight for full custody since he wont give in to a week at a time right away then they will give her full custody. Is there anything I can tell him to ease his mind? She has called CPS on him who immediately cleared him as fit after only having to make one visit..

Are we in for a lot of money letting the lawyer know all this, we really don't have much right now..

Also what if she has no money for a lawyer (no assistance is being offered in our area) how wold that work if we had a lawyer and she didn't?
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