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October 25th, 2012, 11:14 PM
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October, 28 week update...

Well holy moly. The summer crawled by like a slo-mo snail and and then September happened. Or didn't happen. Cause it happened so fast I don't even remember it! I think it had something to do with my AWFUL BIL roommate situation and him pushing the date back and not moving out til September 8th. ALL SUMMER I had waited for the 1st, to do a bunch of things, to clean carpets, move furniture etc. And then whaddya know that week got wasted and I found myself dodging BIL's GF for an extra 8 days which actually was torture. Especially cause my birthday was on the 10th and I had planned a trip with my DH to go out of town and I wanted a bunch of things done BEFORE that. Ah well, at least it's been a while since all that and I actually HAVE gotten things done!

October also has semi-flown by, luckily with a bit more of an even keel pace.

So- since last rant/update I have:

Stayed over in Santa Cruz for a longtime girlfriend's birthday party the last weekend of August, had a terrible flu right after that that was the worse sickness I've had in years, started my last full time semester of classses in order to get my A.S. in Graphic Communication at Sac City College (including Algebra 2- a subject I know nothing about), begun working part-time helping my MIL take care of her EIGHT, yes EIGHT, adopted children (all from foster care she's a saint), cleaned the carpets of our two bedrooms FIVE times to get them to look decent, taken a birthday desert trip down to Lone Pine and camped out with DH, sis and BIL and new baby Lucy, emptied the entire garage and cleaned it, put all the new babe furniture that we had been collecting into his room, washed and folded all used baby clothes and new baby clothes and put them into various spots, helped stack about 1-2 cords of wood in a new wood bracket holder in the garage and in various places around the house, helped split at least a half cord of wood, decorated like crazy for Halloween (my fave ), learned how to sew a scalloped valance for the baby's circus theme room (will post photo), designed my own baby shower cards (will post photo) and sent them all out (still have another baby shower to make them for!), had teeth deep cleaned and scaled (Thank you Medi-Cal!), had about 3 doc appointments- all which went great, taken a WIC breastfeeding class which I actually thoroughly enjoyed, and have taken two Algebra exams after not looking at the subject (and 20 years ago HATING IT) for two decades ( I passed the first, hoping the second too!).... and I think I'll have to stop about there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite food over the past two months....

Thai food. Tom Kha and little spicy chilis and Coconut curry have saved my life the two times I got the flu/ chest thing!
Apples. Apples n cheese, apples n caramel dip homemade from Apple Hill.
Pumpkin choc chip cookies. I can't get enough of you. We have had them CONSTANTLY baked for the past month and a half. I try to limit to 2-3 a day or less!
Broccoli, cooked. Always. I love all veggies, to death. So does my husbie. We often wonder what on earth we would do if our tiny guy did not!
Brussel sprouts. I love you sprouts. I love you steamed and then browned in a little butter. I love you baked. I love you on things, I love you alone.
Gravy (veggie broth base which is so easy to whip up) and cranberry sauce next to baked butternut squash. Thanksgiving early!
The wild Alaskan halibut caught by Art's (DH) awesome aunt that is absolutely amazing tasting. Made it once baked with basil and olive oil topped with a fresh pineapple salsa that Art made and once baked with a lemon buerre blanc that blew my mind.
Sushi. Yep. I eat rolls and raw fish when I'm pregs. I break the rules. But only at 3 restaurants that I knew very well before I was pregnant- they are Japanese owned in a traditional style (meaning these types of restaurants are the ones who are so VERY PICKY about their fish being fresh and stored correctly etc.) and only raw salmon as I know that it has been flash frozen and the restaurant goes thru the fish very quickly so it is fresh fresh fish. I probably only do this because I worked at one of the places for almost 3 years and learned a lot about the true dangers of sushi and pregnancy versus American myth.
Cereal. Almost every morning Grape Nuts or Quaker All Natural Granola.
Yogurt. Plain. Organic.
Cant wait for: SATSUMA MANDARIN ORANGES. They will be ripe around here any day!!!!!!!!!!!

I started eating chicken and turkey. I haven't eaten any meat but seafood for 5-6 years maybe 8. I had some protein moments tho, where tofu or fish both sounded disgusting and chicken was making my mouth water. So I did it. And I will until I no longer crave it. HELLO Thanksgiving!

Ok.... so there's a bajillion updates. DH and I are doing great. My preg body is doing great. (Ran THREE MILES the other day with my belly band in full working mode!) I stretch almost every day, leg stretches and hip stretches. I love having our house to ourselves. Right after the BIL and his GF moved out my DH asked me " isn't it weird to be going home and know they aren't gonna be there?" and I answered "NOPE. It was WEIRD before! It always felt WEIRD knowing they MIGHT be home when I came home. Now it feels normal!"

I guess I can print these little updates out when all is said and done and paste them into my other tangible preg journal.

I think I might go run a late mile and then watch the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special with my husb. Been staying up super duper late lately. Like 2:30. And I can't help it!!! I wake up at 10 and go to bed at 2-3..... DH too. And even when I break it up with a morning appt. at 8am or something I STILL stay up til 3. So much for being pregs. I guess we are gonna have to make a night owl out of our tiny guy as well. I hope

Vyvian Utah Everson Spark born January 10, 2013

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