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October 26th, 2012, 12:26 PM
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my son was born in 2006. As a new mom wanting to do what the Dr. said was right, I made sure he recieved all of his scheduled vaccines. He did have the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella vaccine). He has had swollen lymph nodes in his neck since he was an infant... due to the MMR? Not sure. They range from pea sized (all the time) to grape sized (when sick). He occaisionally complains of neck pain in those spots where the lymph nodes are swollen. I have taken him to mulitple pediatricians over the last 6 years and none of them seem to know or care. He has been on different medications to help the swelling go down, and sometimes they do, but are always visible. The effects of the medication never seem to last very long. I was very concerned about cancerous cells developing, but no one seems to think it is an issue (even though the research i have done lists swollen lymph nodes in the neck as a symptom of cancer, lukemia etc). I dont know for sure that the swollen lymph nodes are related, but my gut says yes. Although we have not had any serious problems with his neck, it concerns me.

I advise anyone wanting to give their child the MMR vaccination to do their research and feel comfortable with giving it (or not giving it) to their child. I quit vaccinating my children about a year and a half ago based on several of the vaccines (chicken pox, rubella, hep A, imovax, mumps, measles, varicella are listed) that are grown in aborted baby cells. I am strongly pro-life and this goes against all I believe to be right. I had the chicken pox as a child, and lived through it scar free as did all of my friends. I very rarely hear of the chicken pox now, but know that if my child did get it, our bodies normal and God given immunities would help them live through it. I say that word "live" almost jokingly as I know it is not a death threatening virus. But you get my point.

I would love to know if any other parents have experienced similar and lingering condidtions with their children like my son has with the swollen lymph nodes in their necks or other places after receiving the MMR vaccine. It would be a relief to know the cause of this and wether it is something to continue to be concerned about or not.
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