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October 26th, 2012, 02:41 PM
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It is absolutely possible, based on your cycle dates for this to be a totally healthy pregnancy. You are measuring 6 days behind. 3 of those could be because of your later ovulation. Another 1-2 days can be implantation (I know when I ovulate with this pregnancy and am consistently measuring 2 days behind that). And even a couple more days could be due to late ovulation.

Did you get a later positive test? Having a "low" beta could match up. It wouldn't be low if you were 6 days behind when you thought you were, kWIM? Low for 20DPO is absolutely not low for 14DPO. My betas were a bit lower than I expected, but measuring two days behind puts them right on track.

In addition, your uterus could be laying funny and there could've been more in there that they couldn't see clearly. I have seen it happen several times in my DDC.

I hope your next sono eases your mind
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