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October 27th, 2012, 06:38 AM
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Popping in from the April DDC...

I am on Zoloft, actually started it when I was 6 weeks along. Started at 25mgs, went up to 50mgs about 3 weeks ago ... and I feel that if I wasn't taking it I would go insane! My anxiety was mild before getting pregnant, and I used to take an occasional Xanax and just deal with it. Then when I got pregnant everything spiraled out of control & depression kicked in! Anyways, long story short, my doc encouraged me to get on the Zoloft sooner than later and that the risks were very very low at the dose that I'm on. I had my NT scan a few weeks back and everything was perfect ... so I'm feeling a lot better than my baby is doing well, and I'm doing well mentally.

Can't be a good mommy if you can't take care of yourself :-)

Don't pay attention to those stupid lawsuit commercials out there either ... the main drug that they go after is Paxil as that is known to cause heart defects in newborns.

Also, I believe Cymbalta is used for Fibro - and I know someone who is pregnant and taking that for chronic migranes, her doc is perfectly fine with her taking it.
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