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October 27th, 2012, 10:54 AM
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Last time around I went to a much more commonplace OB/Gyn arrangement where it's a group of doctors that I saw on a rotating basis. We had a lot of issues with the practice and even more grievances at the hospital that they deliver at. So, this time around, we opted to switch to a new practice and a new hospital.

My primary physicians office is a family practiced associated with a network of hospitals in the Greater Cincinnati area and works with the University of Cincinnati and Christ Hospital. This particular office is the last step a new doctor has to take before getting pushed out into the great beyond. This means that when you're seen by a "newbie" or resident you will also get a quick follow-up by their supervisor who checks off on the examination or other paperwork and gets some quick feedback from you on how the doctor did.

I was nervous about going to this office because I wanted experienced people handling my health. But, over time I've come to love the different doctors and how they actually took the time to talk about EVERYTHING and answer my questions.

So, for my first pre-natal visit I was very excited to meet their resident midwife. They have ob/gyns but they like for pregnant women to be seen exclusively by the midwife with the ob/gyns kinda tagging along, lol. My midwife Michelle was incredibly funny and sweet. She has a lot of experience and was very enthusiastic about this pregnancy. She put me at ease.

Then the ultrasound!

Apparently I'm farther along than I thought! I'm at least 8 weeks along which means my due date is in MAY. And funny enough IT'S MY SON'S BIRTHDAY. May 17th.

I'm already dealing with some guilt of having my babies so close together (Meaning my first baby won't be the baby anymore) but to have the due date be his second birthday?!?! Oh boy. I'm actually PRAYING that I'm 2 weeks late again, lol.

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