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October 27th, 2012, 12:58 PM
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I'm about to let loose on dh.
His 9 year old daughter called me lazy TWICE after I asked SH to go get my baby's nose spray out of the car. Her first question was "why can't you do that yourself? You too lazy?"
To which I replied "hey that's not cool. Not funny either. Don't joke that way"
She then says "asking my dad to do it is being lazy"
I say "hey NOT cool. Do NOT joke. You're not allowed to call me lazy"
Then she says "WELL it IS lazy!"

All I could do not to jerk her up and whoop her butt! I took my baby and went upstairs so then dh comes up mad at ME for leaving? Such an idiot. Then when I tell him what happened he says "yeah it's all her fault I'm conceding" omg. Igmo!! I told him not to bring her this weekend which is NOT supposed to be our weekend anyway! And surprise he shows up with her yesterday. I'm not in the mood for sass!

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