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October 28th, 2012, 03:33 AM
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well I have to start out by saying that I felt like CRAP on Sat. I was in soooooooooooooooooooo much pain... I could hardly move without it hurting... stupid SPD! then Sunday I felt better... still hurt but I could at least move without wanting to cry... and I slept a ton! I was so tired all day so I slept as much as I could...
then Sunday night at 7:00 my contractions started while I was making dinner... I knew that these contractions felt different then the ones that I had been having and the ones that I had when I had false labor... but I wasnt sure that this was "it", because of the false labor. so I started timing them. they were 3-5 mins apart so I text my midwife around 8:30 telling her. she said "I think this is it! do you want me to come now?" I was still not convinced that it was it so I said "lets give it another hour and see if they taper off like last time." so we waited. they were now 2-5 mins apart and still coming... so I text and told her that I thought it was it... and that I was sure I had a LONG ways to go before he got here so that I would text her and let her know when I was ready for her to come. I told my hubby that I was sure it was going to be a LONG night and to try to get a nap in. I told him I would wake him up when I needed him to get through the contractions. so he was trying but couldnt sleep.

I text my sister in law at the same time telling her the same thing too... but I told her she could come whenever she wanted because she was taking pics for us. she wanted me to tell her when to come but I had no clue what to expect since this was my first. so around 10:00 I told her to come when she was ready. she had to put her baby to sleep and then she said she would come over. my midwife lives like just around the corner from my SIL and she still had the birthing tub, so I had my SIL pick it up on her way over.

my sil got here around 1:00am... I was in our bath tub trying to deal with my contractions... they weren't too bad. I have Endo so it just felt like Endo cramps to me. they started to get stronger but I could still handle them but they were getting to the point were I couldnt talk during them so I was pouring water over my belly during contractions until it got to the point were I was just trying to focus. so my SIL took over for me. I text my midwife at 1:30am telling her that my contractions were getting closer together. but I didnt know if she should come yet. she asked if I could talk through them. and I told her I couldnt. so she said that she was going to come then.

I finally got out of the tub and wanted to bake the cookies I had made for that night so everyone could have them to snack on. so my SIL put them in the oven and asked my hubby how long they needed to cook since I was in the middle of a contraction and he had no clue so she just put the timer on for 10 mins. at that point I said I think its time to fill the birthing tub. since my contractions were getting stronger and closer together. so we went into our room and we decided we needed to move our bed over a little so we could get around the birthing tub. so my husband was going over to my side of the bed to move my night stand and I started following him to help me get through a contraction and stopped short at the end of my bed between my dresser and bed. I didnt know at the time that I was in transition. but at that point the contractions were REALLY strong I started moaning differently and thought to myself "I dont think I can do this" because I still thought I had a LONG ways to go... so I kept having the contractions and then felt like my water was going to break so I told my hubby and he said "thats ok just let it break" I told him "no" lol and my SIL said "do you want a towel?" I said YES! so she ran and got one and stuck it under me just in time for my water to break! my SIL decided it was time to call my midwife to see where she was and she said she was 10 mins away. so she hung up with her and I said "I NEED TO PUSH!" and my hubby and SIL said "no just breath" so I was trying to breath through them... and ended up panting... and my SIL was trying to see if she could see a head and couldnt see anything because of the spot I was in there was just no room for her to look so they were trying to get me to move and I just kept saying "I cant, honey. I cant" over and over. then my hubby said "honey we will help you, Jessica (my SIL) is going to help on that side and Im going to help on this side" and I SCREAMED at him "I CANT!" lmao! so they just left me alone! lol then remember the cookies in the oven? yeah the timer went off and my hubby was blocked by me so he jumped over the bed to go turn off the timer and take the cookies out so they wouldnt burn. and then came back the same way. my SIL was down ready to catch Landon and my water just kept gushing and I told her "Im sorry thats really gross" lol she said "Im not worried about that at all!" lol so then she reached up and said "Jessica theres a head right there! do you want to feel it?" I told her "I can feel it!" lol she said "with your hand!" lol then the timer went off again! lol apparently my SIL did the timer on the microwave and not the stove... lol Landon came out without me having to push voluntarily. my body pushed him out in 3 pushes! Landon Maddux was born at 2:59am. caught by his Aunt! he weighed 7lbs 9 oz. 19.5 inch. (my midwife weighed him at 7lbs 2.8 oz and 21.75 inch. but we went to his pedi the next day and was 7lbs 9oz 19.5 inch. so we are going with that... )

and 10 mins later my midwife showed up! lol it was an AMAZING birth! and one I will never forget!

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