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October 28th, 2012, 10:24 AM
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1st let me applaud you for taking your illness seriously and knowing what you need. My ex is bipolar & chose not to manage his illness. He lost everything & my dd lost her bio dad.

To the others that say they or their spouse is bipolar & still manages that's awesome. But I'm sure you're aware the bipolar disorder does not present itself in the same way in each person which is why it's so hard to diagnose & treat. So while you or your spouse can handle certain situations doesn't mean everyone who is bipolar can. So let's be respectful the the OP knows what SHE needs to keep her illness in check.

One of the biggest struggles DH & I used to have was his making plans with his ex, his dds & not including or even informing me. It always messed up my schedule. It isn't about his kids/his house - it's about being partners and respecting your partner. He can't live in a vacuum with his child while ignoring everyone else around him. It's not good for anyone including his child.

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