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October 28th, 2012, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by My2miracles
I'm glad he spoke to her & she apologized. Being a stepparent isn't an easy situation either especially if you aren't on the same page.

I wouldn't allow my 9 year old to call me lazy. I don't think it's normal behavior.
I just get so frustrated with her. She seems to put herself in a position of "adult" instead of child and she's very possessive of her dad and his time even with my infant. It bothers sd9 if dh has to do something for the baby and doesn't do that particular thing for her. She seems to regress to baby or toddler behavior. Kwim? Thinks my 6 year old daughter doesn't even do.

My ds11 has said the lazy thing before as a joke too but he smiles and laughs so I know he's joking and he's STILL gotten in trouble. I tell him the same deal of "that's not ok to joke about". He just doesn't continue to do it 3 times after he's sternly been warned. =\

My dd6 is very hard to handle also and I realize he "deals" with a lot having them here 50% of the time. However...he's at work every day until about 2 hours before bedtime and rarely sees them on my weekend since he works and my daughter goes to my moms all weekend and doesn't come home until 3 pm on sunday. And I never ask him to "tend" to my 2 either. I take 100% responsibly for caring for them. So it's not like apples to apples across the line.

Dd6 is getting a lot of tests for learning disability and the ADHD testing. We are now waiting on the results and getting her IEP situated at school. So anyway she's very difficult to handle right now.

Lastly...sd9 and I get along great when dh is not around. That's the biggest frustration I have. I do tons of stuff with her and she's very well behaved 99% of the time when I have her without him. *HE* is definitely the issue. Not her. I just can't fix him.

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