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October 28th, 2012, 04:26 PM
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Hello, my husband and I tried for a baby for almost 5 years. Finally, after IVF, we got pregnant with twins! Everything was going PERFECT up until 23 weeks. At 23 weeks, I began having contractions every 5 minutes. Over the next week and 2 days, I continued to contract every 5 minutes, and then every 2 minutes all day long. However, my cervix was never dilated. It did shorten from a 3.8 down to a 1.6, and began to funnel. I begged the doctors to put an emergency cerclage in, but they refused and said they don't do cerclages after 24 weeks, and I was too close to that 24 week mark. I begged for medication, and they refused to give me meds for the contractions, saying that since my cervix was not dilating, there was no need for me to be on meds. They told me to have strict bedrest. My second day on bedrest, I went into active labor. The contractions were extremely painful, so my husband drove me to Labor and Delivery, and I was already 10 cm dilated. I gave birth to my twins. They lived for 2 days... We are heartbroken! This happened 2.5 weeks ago... We want to try again. However, I am SCARED TO DEATH that something like this will happen again! We are going to wait a couple of months before going back to the IVF clinic to try again. Has anybody had this happen? I guess I'm looking for some success stories of people who have suffered a loss, but have successfully been able to carry a baby full term afterwards. And if you did carry full term, what precautions were taken??? What did they do for you to prevent preterm labor again??? Thank you!!!
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