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October 28th, 2012, 10:08 PM
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O's mom texted at 5:45 saying she'd be a little bit late picking him up.

She texted again at 6:30 and apologized and said her ride was taking forever.

She called Eric at 6:55 apologizing. Saying there was drama at the house and it took her a while to be able to leave. When Eric asked if it was safe for O to be there this is what she told him.
  • The boyfriend beat up her roommate on friday night
  • She told him not to come back
  • he came back
  • They were yelling and screaming tonight
  • O's moms friend got involved
  • It got physical
  • The friend beat the guy up
  • The guy left and was told to never show his face there again

I feel like it's time to be worried. We asked her to stay at her parents until the dust settles and her reply was, "I really need you to trust me to make the appropriate decisions to keep my son safe. I do not think he is coming back and I will not allow him to step foot into this house. If he so much as takes a step towards me or O i will crack his head open without a second thought."

I get that she doesn't think he will come back. But what if he does? ESPECIALLY now that HER FRIEND beat the guy up. So now she is involved. Which means O is involved.

Do we have any recourse here? They're at the house right now and she said the roommate isn't there and neither is the bf.
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