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October 28th, 2012, 10:26 PM
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Just wanted to stop in and hi! Im taking a break from the FB, alllll of it, because I have SO much school to do and it was distracting...most of ya'll know this already. But anyways, just wanted to check in! Holland was 9 months on saturday and shes been pretty cranky lately. Her top two teeth cut through this week so its been better. I uess two at a time is going to be the trend for us, but I cant complain.

I've gotten so much school done and I still have a little bit more, but than that it is, forever, in the terms of classes. I do student teaching in January. SO excited.

Here is a picture of Holland I took this morning, she was being so cute!

Uploaded with

sorry if its kinda big.

Anyways I love you and miss you all! On a personal note, Claire! I'm sorry I didnt tell you I was taking a break and I miss your English arse! You were still in ICU when I left and I hope your doing better. And I told Bonnie to make sure she was eating and snacking and drinking water because it was what you would want me to tell her hope you four are doing fantastic!

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