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October 30th, 2012, 09:09 AM
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I've been MIA for awhile. Life's been very busy with 3 under 5 and just now I think I'm finally getting my groove. I've had to deal with the losses of some close people. My uncle and a close friend and my grandfather. On top of dealing with these losses I'm having a heck of a time with Johnny at school. He started JK and it's been a nightmare. He's acting up a lot, hitting, refusing to listen and just all around being rotten. So strange because at home he's not that bad and I've never, ever had an issue with Samantha who's just a year older in Sr Kindergarten. With Johnny it's so bad I'm really thinking about pulling him out and homeschooling him for a year.

Well, for the good news! Shane's doing great!!! I swear, I don't mean to gloat but he is really the best baby ever! He's so good natured, smart (says mama, dada and "dondon" (Johnny lol) he's still breastfeeding and I've still have never gotten my period back yet which is weird but I'm not complaining! I adore and cherish every moment with Shane. I was close to accepting a full time job recently and had care in place for Shane but at the last minute I backed out. I couldn't do it. He's going o be small for such a short time and I don't want none else seeing/experiencing all those "firsts" so for the time being I'm continuing to stay home with him.

Hope everyone here is doing great! Nice to pop in and see all the beautiful babies

Here are a few pics, Sammy and Johnny just celebrated their 4th and 5th birthdays in the last week. Wow, time flies!!


Jodie (me)
John dh
Samantha age 5 born October 18, 2007
Johnny age 4 born October 8, 2008
SHANE IS HERE!! Born March 1, 2012

Breastfeeding for 8 months now!!

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