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October 30th, 2012, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
I don't think you have any recourse. She's his mom and she gets to make the decisions for him when it's her time with him. You have to eventually trust her to make the right ones. Just because it's not a decision you would make doesn't mean it's the wrong decision.
Oh I'm not saying that just because I would choose differently makes her wrong. I am saying her putting her kid at risk because the guy *may* not come back makes it wrong.

We don't think we have much recourse either. He already tried to get her to stay at her parents while she has O. Aside from taking her to court which we do not want to do, we just have to keep our ears and eyes open.

I do think it's sad that she claims he is so safe, yet now he is sleeping in her room with her at night with the door locked. NOBODY should have to do that in their own home.
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