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October 30th, 2012, 10:47 PM
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A.J has been in a developmental preschool since January of this year.

He is doing great.. A.J has an amazing memory. He knows the Alphabet (taught himself!!). He is always spelling out words he see's when we are at the store or driving. He knows numbers up to 30! He'll look at the number 18 and say eighteen, 20 and say twenty,etc He can count up to 40. And the best news of all, he is now playing with kids. 6 months ago he wouldn't even parallel play with a peer. Now it doesn't bother him anymore.

Also wanted to add that A.J's speech has improved. He is starting to use 2-3 word at a time. At school, they make him interact and this has helped so much along with therapy. I do find it interesting that he knows his letters and numbers so well but is still behind with communicating. I've read this is common with Autism. I sometimes wonder if A.J will be a gifted child when he starts school. Only time will tell.. His memory is amazing.. He even remembers directions to stores. I have to verbally explain where we are going and the turn we are taking to avoid a major meltdown in the car. craziness..

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