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October 31st, 2012, 10:37 AM
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I had to HORRIBLE hospital births. Most hospitals call their labor and delivery ward "birthing centers" but they aren't really. They DID NOT honor my birthing plan at EITHER of the two hospitals I went to and both pressured me into get epidurals both times, and both times I had really bad experiences. And these were at the TOP hospitals in my tri-state area for labor and delivery.

During one epidural they tried to give me, they hit nerve and pain was shooting down my leg, and during another I almost died because my blood pressure CRASHED and the epinephrine they gave me to stabilize me wasn't working at first. Obviously I was OK, but it just stunk overall. These were with leading anesthesiologists. Then once I saw the move THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN it all made sense, and I realized it wasn't just me.

It wasn't the birth I wanted either time. With my youngest, I went to a REAL (freestanding) birth center and even though I really wanted pain medication when I was in the transition stage of labor, I couldn't get it because they didn't have it, and in the end I was SO GLAD I didn't have it. It was by far the best birth I had. I would not change a single thing about that experience. I want to go to the same birth center with this pregnancy again. I will never again have a hospital birth.

That said, a lot of women have had wonderful hospital births where the hospital followed their birth plan. That could depend on the hospital or it could depend on the nurses who are on staff. With MOST hospital births, the doctor or midwife don't show up until you the baby's head crowns, for that last few pushes to get the baby out. If I HAD to have a hospital birth again, I would hire a doula. There's too many variables otherwise in terms of having the birth you want (which is really limited in a hospital anyway as there are some things you aren't ALLOWED to do even if you put it on your birth plan). You could have a great hospital and a great doctor but because of the nurse on duty and assigned to you you might not have the birth you want.

So, I plan to repeat my most recent birth, if possible. I feel more confidence in my odds of having the birth I want if I do. I totally support hospital births though for those who want them. And no matter what birthing choice someone makes, if they have something in mind for their birth they really need realize that in a hospital it WON'T be easy to have the birth you want, even if you think it's going to be, just I NCASE, be prepared that it's going to be almost impossible and that you will need people to fight for your patient rights for you because it's hard to do so while in labor. I thought my husband would, but he didn't. I was so so so so so prepared and it still didn't work out, so with a hospital birth I will just say no matter how prepared you think you are, expect that you need to be 1000x times more prepared than that, unless you don't really care about your birthing experience and only care about the end result (which is totally cool!)
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