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October 31st, 2012, 10:45 AM
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IF you are high risk, you'll need a hospital birth. If you aren't high risk, a hospital could make you high risk. Just my experience that makes me say that, though. The thing with hospital births is your birthing plan WILL be much more limited. You an put anything you want on it, but when you get there they won't read it, and if they do they will disregard a lot of what you want as not an option. I just feel like a mom-to-be has a BETTER chance with a home or true birth center birth for their birthing plan to be honored. BUT, really, some parents just feel like they want an epidural and don't care what else happens, don't care if they get a c-section (or might even prefer one), etc, in which case a hospital would be better for them, or, if they don't care what happens, then a hospital works, too.

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With my last birth, I was in the tub because I wanted a water birth, and my cousin was in labor too in the next room, and because I wasnt progressing fast enough, he wanted me to get back on the bed. (I refused, because I knew there was no logical reason to move) So he picked me up out of the tub, and placed me on the bed, and left. I was so mad. My cousin ended up having a c-section after I gave birth.

With my 2nd birth... it went pretty good. I did get the epidural though, which I regret... and also didnt get the waterbirth I wanted either..

My first birth, my doctor didnt listen to me when I told her I was in labor. She made me wait at home, and ended up going to the hospital in active premature labor, too late to stop it. Of course though, Avery had alot of chromosomal problems, and he wouldnt have survived even if he was full-term. But the fact that my doctor didnt trust my own instincts...

I dont trust doctors in my area anymore.

And of course... this is just MY experience.


Here, they say you can have a water birth, but when you get there, and not UNTIL you get there, do you find out that you can be in LABOR in the tub but you can NOT give birth in the tub. It's misleading. They make parents think they can have any birth experience they want in the hospital. Just type up your page and request a room with a birthing tub. But it does NOT work that way. If the room is taken, you won't get it. If the room is available, it's not REALLY a "birthing" tub. It's a laboring tub.
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