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November 1st, 2012, 01:18 AM
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We don't have any homeschool groups here, or anywhere near here. Plus, like I said before, we're homebodies, lol. But the kids do have some kids in the neighborhood they play with, and some other close friends. One family directly across the street from us, though I think they're moving later this school year, they have 3 or 4 kids all around my kids' ages. There's also a little boy next door the same age as Leo that they've been good friends with since about 05. He and Leo used to play in the front yard as toddlers, lol. There aren't a ton of kids in our neighborhood, unfortunately. The ones who live further up and towards the city form us are not kids I want mine spending time with. The city has areas where there are a crap ton of families. I happen to live in a neighborhood with mostly older folks, or people with kids in college. The neighbor boy has two siblings in college.
But the ones they do spend time with regularly range in age from toddler to about 13 I think. Not including the one kid's brother's friends(that sounds confusing, lol). They're teenagers, but very well behaved ones. The kids think it's fun to play basketball with them. Leo's obsessed with the one kid's truck. But they're not around as much during the school year as they are the summer. You won't find many kids over the age of 11 in this area that actually behave. So well behaved and mannered teens is nice Plus since we don't have sidewalks and people use our road as a speeding cut-through, they tend to look out for the kids around here when they're over this way.

If we did more things out of the house, they'd have more friends. We don't, mostly because we can't, though. But the friends they do have, are close friends.
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