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November 1st, 2012, 10:19 AM
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For those who were urging us to see a GI specialist for Avery: We finally got in and had our appointment today! By all accounts it was good news.

His reflux has improved a lot and currently it's mostly just a nuisance more than anything else. Of course he still has flare ups, but he is healthy, happy, and has none of the red flags that would indicate to the GI doc that he would need further testing/investigation. He is pretty sure that Avery will probably outgrow it within the next few months. He also suggested that we change our Zantac dosing to 3x daily rather than twice (same overall amount, just broken into 3 instead 2 doses). He is growing, thriving and reasonably I am going to work on my expectations and coping skills. Admittedly it is getting so much easier...either his osteopathy has helped or he really is starting to outgrow it. He's pretty much all smiles recently. Of course there are still flare-ups, but nothing like they used to be. The doc also said that he probably does have the milk protein intolerance but I'm dealing with that by keeping dairy out of my diet, so it's all good.

Also: the number one mom fail of the year - I stopped drinking coffee which has made a big difference. Don't ask me WHY it didn't occur to me (maybe because tea and other forms of caffeine seem fine one way or the other?) to eliminate coffee. But yeah...can't even seem to drink decaf without it bothering him.

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