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November 2nd, 2012, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by crunchywannabe View Post
We take Remembrance Day very seriously. There is a serious lack of respect for Canada's veterans and many just see it as a free 'day off'. Out of respect for that day, we don't decorate, or start listening to Christmas music until Nov. 12. I used to say nothing until Dec. 1st, but then I felt like the Christmas season was too rushed. It is nice to sit back and enjoy the pretty decorations and music without the hussel and bussel of people all around.
I don't know what the basis of the complaint to Shoppers was, but I don't just find it annoying, to me it's disrespectful that stores encourage everyone to get caught up in the Holidays, and many forget to take time out on the 11th because of that. If nothing else good for them for taking their customers feedback seriously. I probably wouldn't have complained.... but I do notice when a store doesn't participate in 'Early Onset Christmas Fever'
I agree, Remembrance Day is very over looked. Here it isn't even a day off unless you're a government worker. When I tried working in retail we weren't even allowed to pause at 11:00, we had to keep working.

A lot of people feel the same way as you for Christmas decorations and such, I don't put mine up till later but even my friends who put things up early don't do it before Nov 12.

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