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November 3rd, 2012, 01:48 PM
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Name: Shaniece
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Whats new/ exciting this month TTC-wise: Im in the TTW and will test on the 11th if AF is late. In the same boat as Plan4fate, i dont have insurance quiet yet, so im a bit nervous if I do have a BFP

Any non-TTC plans your looking forward to: I just got a new job, I start next week so hopefully insurance will kick in immediately and no longer be an issue. Thanksgiving, this is the first year we will be spending it with his family.

Plan4fate Keep ur head up. Ive been unemployed for 8 months and just now finding a job that I would feel fulfilled at. Not having an income sucks, but its way better than going to a job that you hate and stresses u out.

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