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November 3rd, 2012, 05:57 PM
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I wanted to go natural. Ended up with an epi/gas/nubain

My pregnancy ended up with unusual complications and I had to be induced. I only had cervical gel, but that was enough to put me into labor.

I was under the assumption that despite the fact I could hardly talk through contractions within an hour of my water breaking, that I still had a long haul ahead of me.

I was certain I needed an epi at that point because I was unable to focus. I figured that if I was having such a hard time dealing in early labor, that I needed some relief NOW.

Little did I know that i was much futher along. The nurse checked me as soon as the epi was in, and I was at 10cm!!! Doh! Oh how I wish I would have know that pre-epi!

Over all though, I am happy with how things went. If there's a "next time," I will do my best to go without the epi again (especially with the experience I have behind me now), but I am always open to changing my plans as needed.
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