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November 3rd, 2012, 08:49 PM
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I wanted to go natural with #1 but after about 30 hrs of labor meaning I had been awake for 47hrs straight I was so tired I could hardly pay attention to what the nurse was saying or asking. My husband told her I wanted the epi and she got me the nubain to knock me out for a little while until they could do the blood test to see if I was allergic since throughout the pregnancy I kept saying no epi. I didn't mind terribly having the epi I was just upset with how much of it I had. I didn't know I was feeling his head move down, I just knew I felt pressure mostly on the left side of my hind end. I told my husband and he suggested that maybe the epi was wearing off and I needed to push the button for more so I did but still felt it. I told my husband so he tried pushing the button in case I didn't push it hard enough. I still felt the pressure. We called the nurse in and she said epidural is a gravitational drug so if I lean toward the right then all of the drug will go to the right and I will feel things on the left. She then pushed my button and left the room. A little later I STILL felt it even though at that point I was loaded with epi so I pushed the nurse button again. This was a different nurse and she pushed my button instead of checking me. When I asked to be checked they could feel my baby's head he had moved down so low. She then told me it was time to push! Good thing they had a nursing student come in to observe because I was so numb not only could I not feel anything I had not control to move the lower half of my body at all.

With my second I wanted to go natural and one of the main factors in deciding was that I just plain couldn't afford to get an epi even if I wanted one. I did some research and talked to friends who had gone natural and decided it was the right choice for me. I had enough adrenaline and pain tolerance I guess that while I still felt every contraction and not all of them felt nice in any form or fashion I knew what was happening with my body. I actually got to feel the "irresistible urge to push" and wish I had a better nurse when it hit. The one I had told me to "pant like a dog" as she walked out of my room. My recovery was easier and quicker. I was able to move around sooner and eat. Natural is definitely what is best for me. I especially like that I was able to be completely aware of everything going on around me since my nurses didn't listen to me and even after delivery my doctor wasn't listening to me either.
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