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November 4th, 2012, 12:17 PM
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My m/c happened August 31 at 8 weeks, I'm now due July 8, so almost 5 weeks along. I think I will feel a little better once I get past the 8 week mark and a lot better after I hear a heartbeat. This definitely doesn't seem as real or as exciting as the first time. I was so optimistic and really didn't think I would have a M/C and when I did it kind of threw me for a loop. Got pregnant after one cycle and hopefully this time around will be better! I'm not really having any symptoms yet except being tired.... Every time I feel any sort of cramp/twinge/gas pain I get all worried that I'm miscarrying again. I'm sure I'll regret this down the road but I'm kind of wanting some morning sickness just so I know that I'm still pregnant! My parents/siblings already know but we plan to tell my husband's parents in a couple of weeks and everybody else around Christmas. Can't wait!
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