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November 4th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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Hello. I have 5 daughters and a 2 month old son!! I swayed for a boy and it worked. I swayed for 5 months before trying. Only drank water with lots of lemon.changed my diet totally. Ate soup once a day. I only ate alkaline foods. No milk. Ate a piece of dark chocolate once a day. Took lots of fish oil and folic acid. No prenatal vitamins. Took cool shower befor bd. used opks. Dtd 12 hrs before ovulation. Raised hips for one hr. no jump and dump this time! Lol. Hubby took supplements too. Hope it works for u!!
Mommy to 5 girls!! Pregnant with #6! Our baby BOY is due 9-26-2012!!

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