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November 5th, 2012, 02:50 AM
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We went on Saturday. It was freezing, windy and rained the whole time. But the kids had a blast anyway. Leo went as a ninja, Alyssia a purple witch and Alexis went in a hunting outfit, but she had to carry a plastic gun instead of a real one

They got a lot of candy, surprisingly. They won't eat even half of it though, we've actually got a box of it ready to ship off to some friends who don't get to go TOT because they're stuck in a hospital. Hardly anyone was out trick or treating and even less were handing out candy. Didn't stop the kids from having fun though.
There should be a law against trick or treating in the daylight It was 4-6. I just can't used to not trick or treating in the dark, like we did growing up.
There's a town near us that does it in the middle of the day (like 12-2 I think) and always on a Saturday before Halloween. It's the most inconvenient time for TOT I've ever seen, lol.
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