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November 5th, 2012, 07:10 AM
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I went to bed on Friday night (Oct 26), cuddling with my almost 4yr old. Woke up 3hrs later when contractions 7-9mins apart and not feeling too great. Tried to fall back asleep, but things just didn’t seem right. Got up to use the washroom, and started feeling sick. Food came back up a few minutes later… and again, and again… about 4-5 times that night. I also started feeling contractions getting closer together and timed them at 5mins apart. Things were moving along, finally! Around 6am, I really couldn’t handle it anymore, and woke up my husband. Told him we had to go. Contractions were 3mins apart at that point. And I was still feeling sick. We took a taxi to the hospital and got sent to “first contact” where they monitored me. After about 2hrs, things weren’t progressing much. I was stuck at 1cm and 75% effaced. They told me to go walk around for an hour and see if things would start up again (contractions had been slowing down). I walked around the halls for about 20mins and started feeling faint and seeing spots. My blood pressure was low, I felt like crepe and things weren’t getting anywhere. Doc came to see me and said because of all my symptoms, that they wouldn’t be sending me home in this state. Fast forward about 2hrs (it’s now noon) and I’m feeling a bit better. Contractions have slowed down to 5-6mins apart and no progress has been made. OB told me that I would be better off to go home and let things move along in more comfort. We talked a bit about other options and she said she could maybe check if there would be a spot to induce me that day instead of Monday or Wednesday. Turns out, hospital was full and I had to go back home. Buuut, she had some somewhat good news. They had found me a spot for Sunday morning at 7am instead. I had a day/time. I was happier. We went home, got some rest and headed for the hospital again at 6:30am on Sunday. Samuel got to stay at my parents’ house during this whole ordeal.

Anyway, I got settled in, put on monitors for 30mins and checked again. I was now a good 2cm and contracting strongly every 3-4mins. After a good hour, they were getting really painful and I asked for the epidural while I still had time. They checked me and I was now at 4cm. In went the needle and pain was gone… or so I thought. Things started progressing fast after 11am. Pain was coming back and there was nothing comfortable. Around 1pm, I started feeling more pressure. Doc came to break my water. TONS of green goop that looked like pea soup. He’d pooped! A few mins later, he was getting lower and his head was pushing on my pelvic bones (on the right side of my groin area) were gonna fall apart. It hurt a ton! I mean, like, I felt like my body was going to break in half, type of pain. Let me tell you, if you’ve never dealt with SPD, you are very lucky. This was just unbearable! It got so bad, you could hear the bones cracking every time. I was crying uncontrollably during every contraction (2mins apart) by 2pm. They tried giving me a second dose of epi to help, but it wasn’t touching the site of the pain at all. So the nurse called the anesthesiologist, and he recommended 10cc of something MUCH stronger (can’t remember the name but it was Dilo something). After a few minutes, I was completely numb from the ribs down. Pain was gone but baby didn’t like the contractions I was getting and had bad decels… and the medication made me shake so much, I thought I was gonna pass out. By 3pm I was now at 8cm and completely effaced. And then 3:35 hit and it was time to push. Uhh, yeah, I don’t know how they wanted me to, because frankly, I felt like I had no body. I gave it a try though and he moved a little bit. But things were too strong for him to handle and his heartrate went too low. One of the nurses had to push down on his butt while another made me push as hard/fast as I could. Monitors were beeping, baby was in distress and doc told me he HAD to come out. I gave it one last try and out he came at 3:45pm. Peeing on daddy! Yes, that’s right, pushing was done in less than 10mins. And I couldn’t even feel a thing. It was so weird! She said I had a 2nd degree tear and she would fix it as I got to hold my boy. But he was choking on meconium and they had to take him away to aspirate him and then give him a gastric wash.

When he came back, things were calmer. I had time to recover from the whole ordeal and he was doing much better. They put him on the scale and what I thought was gonna be a 8lb-ish baby, turned into 11oz more. Bigger than his 8lbs2oz brother, Samuel. So yes, Elijah Spencer came into the world at 3:45pm on October 28th 2012, at 8lbs11oz and 20.5in tall. Big boy! I’m in looove! Things are going great! :-)

Samuel Francisco (11/24/08, 8lbs2oz, 21in)
Elijah Spencer (10/28/12, 8lbs11oz, 20.5in)
Micah Gabriel due December 16, 2015

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