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November 5th, 2012, 08:19 AM
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Never heard of twins... But my symptoms thought I was pregnant and I'm pretty sur sit was just the "mirena crash". My thoughts on it are this, bc the iud makes a fake progesterone are bodies produce it again after removal and our bodies aren't used to that feeling and progesterone is one hormone that gives us those lady problems like we get during pregnancy and Af. So a timeline oct 8 was removal, slight spotting day of and after. A week later I had very light orange or peach bleeding for 3 days.(I've heard people say that was what their period was like on mirena but I had no period with it. O symptoms at all) then my bbs started getting sore and swollen and I thought I must be pregnant and I took 20 tests up til last week and they were all bfn. So I concluded that was my body's reaction to the removal and getting back on cycle. I'm still not normal I started th light bleeding again which would make my cycle 20 days apart right now. Which would mean I'm ovulating on my period week or my leutal phase is too short and incapable of having a successful pregnancy. Sorry if this is kind of all over the place and unorganized.
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