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November 5th, 2012, 11:48 AM
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That's exactly why communities set times. So that children(more likely teens, or even adults) aren't ringing bells or knocking on doors at all hours, be it day or night. It would seem silly to just say "Trick or treat is such and such day" and not set a time frame pretty much anywhere in the US. That would mean, to many, it's open all day, and all night. That wouldn't sit well in most communities.

It USED to last a lot longer than it does now. Now, this town and most around it, only allow for 2 hours. Which, if you knew where I live, you'd realize is a ridiculous time frame. We live just on the outskirts of the actual town. Houses aren't necessarily too far apart, on my street, but they start to get further and further apart and you hit more rural area. You won't get far no matter how old you are, in that short of a time frame. Even if you drive around(which bothers the crap out of me, I wish people would just park and walk, then drive alittle more if they need to. Driving everywhere is annoying to everyone else out(no sidewalks). The police around here will make certain you're not going to be able to even make it to 2mph much less anything more than that, though lol. Not to mention I happen to live in an area full of older people, not many families(who are more likely to pass out things to begin with). It's just not reasonable. It used to be a 3-4 hr block, but it's not now, no one really knows why.

All that said, my kids love trick or treating, even though they don't eat the candy and may end up walking a few blocks without finding one person handing anything out, lol. So it's not all bad.

There are quite a few countries, and even towns in the US that don't do trick or treat at all.
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