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November 5th, 2012, 01:09 PM
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Does your child...

Turn toward their name?
....all the time?
....some of the time?
....few times w/o distractions?
....not yet?

If there aren't any distractions, yes. I something else is going on it's hit or miss

Do they wave hello?No

Do they wave goodbye?no

Are they reserved around people other than their parents?It depends, some days she is some days she isn't

Are they social butterflies?Sometimes, but she has to warm to to other people first

Do they respond when you make different faces at them?yes, she mimics faces and sounds. My nephew taught her how to make car sounds

Do they recognize their parents?Yes

Have they become fearful of people they have always know that aren't their parents?I wouldn't say fearful, but more reserved.

Do they use any gestures to get what they want?Not really. She does mouth my chest when she wants to nurse though

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