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November 6th, 2012, 03:09 PM
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Today I kept Dani home from school because there was an outdoor field trip and it is raining here and her teacher said they were going Rain or Shine and Dani gets Upper Respiratory Infections very easy so I thought it was best to keep her home with me instead of sending her to school.

At lunch she was eating a cup of noodles (instant lunch type thing) which had just come out of the microwave. She turned to get her drink and knocked the cup off the table. The cup spilled on her foot, which had a sock on it. It burned her poor little foot and ankle really bad. Instant blisters came up by the time we got the sock off and put cool water on it. She screamed in pain!!!!!!!

Her foot got the silver sheen of a severe burn so I took her to the Emergency Room about 5 minutes after it happened. My baby girl screamed in pain the entire ride. She has portions of her foot with deep 2nd degree burns. It is wrapped and has to be changed twice a day and rechecked by our doctor Thursday to see if it needs debreeding.

I feel so bad. I kept her home from school to keep her from getting sick, so she gets burned!!! I should have just sent her to school! Right now she is curled up in my bed in Jonah's spot and won't let me get out of her sight. My baby girl has never cried like this!

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