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November 6th, 2012, 08:55 PM
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Checking in.

I was hospitalized for another T.I.A (mini stroke). I had a horrid experience as a nurse gave me fentanyl without permission.... Currently filing a complaint with the hospital over it. For those not familiar, its a powerful pain killer, often given in patch form to cancer patients. It is a category c med as well. I was in the MRI and the nurse came in gave me the med in my IV, said "I gave you something for pain" and walked away. (I had been in HORRIBLE pain, to the point of tears) After I was brought back the doctor asked if the fentanyl worked and I freaked out. I cant believe it was ordered, and am SO LIVID it was given to me without permission. After I made a stink about it, I started receiving my care with a big side of attitude. I was pissed. I was treated like crap until I was ok, and demanded to go home.

This WAS the hospital where I was supposed to deliver, but am now changing hospitals.

I saw my Doc the next day, and she too is talking to the hospital about what happened. The baby is ok, but I still get upset thinking about it. Experiencing a TIA is hard enough, while pregnant is so so scary, and being treated like crap during that time just isnt right....

I am now just short of full bed rest. I am in constant pain (we found out my body doesnt produce enough of the hormone to relax my round ligaments so instead of stretching, they are ripping apart....which is quite fun) and am quite fatigued.

In the midst of all this, I need to move. No idea how the heck Im supposed to pack and sort... but I have to get it done.

I dont feel safe here with Tom and certainly dont want my child here. SO as much as I cant stand the idea, I am moving in with my parents for a few months. I will have the basement to myself, so it wont be so bad I suppose... At least I am safe there and know I will be taken care of. (At this point I cant even stand to cook, so if it doesnt go in the oven or microwave, I cant eat it)

My mom is only allowing me to bring one cat however and I had to practically beg for that. The ex is talking to his parents, hoping to be able to take the baby kitty in until I move out of my parents. The ex knows I love my cats and he loves the boys too, and doesnt want to see me have to give up Shelly due to a temporary situation. So hopefully that works out....

We hope to get things moved within a few weeks, before snow hits us here in Minnesnowta, and as much as my mother is killing me right now, and I hate the idea of moving back, it will be nice to have true bed rest (Im alone 98% of my awake time and have to do a lot Im not supposed to). My dad wants so badly to have me there so I can be taken care of.

Im ready to just get the move done, and relax until this baby comes. This pregnancy has been so chaotic, I am ready to just prepare for this baby and have him here.

And just so I am not whining, there is silver lining, the EX and I have the final two names!! We're torn, and have decided to just see what the bubby looks like before we decide I'm so glad to have that done..... We havent told anyone in our lives the names, we feel like with the chaos of the pregnancy and everyone soooo in our business we want to keep it to ourselves But Im excited to have the names down to two!!

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