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November 7th, 2012, 12:41 AM
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Happy 5 months to my sweet lil angel

So in my last post I see that I had mentioned if Jakaira starts predictable
sleeping..... (not much of that
has been happening) because my sweet daughter has not been sleeping
well....she finally slept a stretch last night. l am very thankful to God for
that. Of course I slept right through finding out via tv who our next
president is going to be. Because my daughter has been a REAL DIVA
baby lately.... it seems like she is not ready for a sibling just yet
we bought her a play mat and she can do more with tummy time...
she can scoot with her knees and hands to the right or left....that is progress...
she has discovered her feet and toes. She saids mama when she is real sad and wants me to get her right away....dh is a little jelous cause though she can say dada she doesn't.....gotta be around your baby more for her to have a need to say dada...hubby is very busy with school. She still does support sitting. She still does her little crunches in trying to sit up. My friend Amie still has not met my sweet daughter....something keeps happening and delaying that. l texted her the other day and she still has not responded...maybe elections??? or maybe she is un sure of what her plans are today/tomorrow or she may be matter that is ok... I have things I need to do any how.

So my af is due in 3 days.

Exited about Thanksgiving!!!!
b.i.l. asked us what do we want for Christmas.
It's that nice time of year.

Do not know when daughter will hit the milestone of being able to sit
with no help...but it would be neat if she learned how this month.

She is showing signs that she is ready to start solids...we just may this month
with rice cereal...will update when/if we do. (but we will for sure start next month.)

exited that she will be 6 months in one month ( 1/2 way to 1 years old)

well next update is either bfp Or 12/7 or when we try rice cereal.

Take care n be blessed!!!!!!!!!

p.s. totally forgot... i had a dream about being big pregnant...
and had a dream that I had twin identicle 1 year old boys...
my m.i.l. before she passed had a vision that I end up with
identicle twin boys....we shall see someday......

had a dream about me being pregnant again...and I thought the tech would say
that I am pregnant with a boy...but she said Another girl!!!!!! Fun dream.

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