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November 7th, 2012, 08:07 AM
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I was the same until yesterday!

1. What have you already done for Christmas?
Daniel's Santa letter
Bought ALL Daniel's smaller toys today at TRU
Bought a couple of things for Michaela today at TRU
Set up exchange sign-up threads

2. What do you still need to do?

Take Daniel to choose and test for size his bike at Halfords
Order Baby Einstein stuff for Michaela from Amazon
Order a giraffe stacker and a few stocking filler practical things for Michaela from Tesco Direct
Source and buy Daniel a few DVDs for his stocking, then test his stocking to work out how much space is left and buy appropriate chocolate treats to fill it
Shop for Mum's and Shaun's gifts!! I don't even know what I'm getting Shaun yet - need to ask him
Finalise Xmas and New Year plans with Dan's dad and family!


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