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November 7th, 2012, 02:01 PM
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Does your child...

Turn toward their name?
....all the time?
....some of the time?
....few times w/o distractions?
....not yet?

99% of the time she will. With distractions I usually just have to say her name more than once

Do they wave hello? yes she usually does this on her own. she even makes this little noise that is the same sorta pitch as when i say hi to her all cute.

Do they wave goodbye? yes when we tell her say bye bye

Are they reserved around people other than their parents? Friends she is, but not family.

Are they social butterflies? Not really...shes pretty reserved

Do they respond when you make different faces at them? yep

Do they recognize their parents? Yep she looks for daddy all the time, wanders through the house in her walking screaming "DADA, DADA" its "mama" when shes sad. She also points and makes noises at the puppies when she wants to see them.

Have they become fearful of people they have always know that aren't their parents? She was like this with my dad for a little bit but not for long

Do they use any gestures to get what they want? Yes, she points, or she just goes and tries to get it herself if shes in the walker.

She claps great, is starting to blow kisses (apparently that is what daddy is teaching her when im gone), and she plays a mean game of peek-a-boo. but we dont call it peek-a-boo we call it "wheres holland?" and when she uncovers her face we go "there she is!!" and she loooves it. she starts doing it with anything she can grab and cover her eyes with. Her books, her bottle, her bib...anything lol Oh and she just started "dancing" she bounces up and down to any music that comes on the tv no matter what it is or what she is doing lol.

She is still a terror during diaper changes, toward the end of meals, and when she is in the carseat. The car seat is the worst. It's all out screaming and crying so bad she starts to make her self sick. I usually have to stop and pull over a time or two where ever we go. And she'll have every toy and book and everything in the world in her lap to play with. She just hates it...Hopefully this will end soon. She does understand "no" and when i shoo her out of the bathroom while she in her walker... she throws a fit as she walks somewhere else.

sorry, lol i added on a novel at the end!

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