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November 7th, 2012, 03:14 PM
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I put this in the main forum too, but here's for my journal.

So I'm not the most traditional person....

Gone were the games, there were lots of drinkers, there were guys and gals.....

We got the most adorable outfits and some great gifts. We got things like REAL German Lederhose britches for a one year old, a summer AC/DC onesie, thrifted funny 6-9 month shirts from the 80's that say "Ladies Man" and other funnies, organic cotton onesies, moustache onesie and lightning bolt onesies, adorable argyle socks from Bella, lots of overalls (alot vintage), TWO suits with bowties!, and more.

Here are some photos!
The first two are the outside and inside of the card I designed with the Dia de Los Muertos theme. We changed it to Dia De LOS VIVAS cause that means (we hope! our Spanish isn't so great!) "Day of the Alive"

I edited our actual address out... so it's not really smeared like that!

Tangy cupcakes my sis in law made for me!

People brought the yummiest snacks all evening!

I seriously love my mom for always keeping my kitchen clean when she visits! And that's my Pop.

The drinkers and smokers were of course confined to our deck... (I have a lot of these types of friends)

My sister, her new baby Lucy, and me!

Three of my most colorful friends!

Two of my oldest bestest friends came up from the Bay Area.

Boots in the kitchen.

It ended up being so fun, so many people I didn't expect showed up.

And brought the sweetest gifts!

Looking out from the gift-couch at some of our friends.

My husband hated opening the gifts publicly, but isn't that the most polite thing to do?

This photo of my sister nursing Lucy kills me! So sweet!

And to think I have another "Family" shower on the 18th! I think it will be much tamer

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