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November 7th, 2012, 09:15 PM
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The kitties are unsure what to make of Sean. They come up to us, but run away when they see him. I'm finding it hard to give ChloŽ the attention she needs because I'm almost always holding Sean. I think they'll be ok although Buddy almost jumped on Sean tonight trying to get in DH's lap!

DH and I have a great relationship, but I feel like Sean's birth has brought us even closer together. DH would always get mad at me if I accidentally woke him up at night even though he's a terribly light sleeper, but he's been very understanding of getting woken up by Sean at night and keeps telling me what a great job I'm doing as a mother. I can tell it relaxes DH to come home from work and cuddle with Sean.

I'm healing well. Still have the raging hormones, though! It took DH 2.5 hours to get home today because trucks were stuck in the snow and I was in tears I was so worried about him! He didn't feel safe calling me and I felt the same so I had no clue if he was ok. I got my staples removed yesterday and have finally had my first BM since Sean's birth. That was scary but I survived! It still hurts a lot to move in certain ways and to laugh or cough. I ordered a postpartum support belt and hope it helps!

Bear had his first pediatrician visit yesterday. She's a bit concerned because he weighs the same as he did Saturday when we were released from the hospital, but I don't think that's quite accurate as to how he's doing because at that point we had to supplement with some formula and we haven't supplemented with formula since Sunday. She said that babies born at 37 weeks often take longer to get back to their birth weight than babies born later so as long as he's not losing she'll be content. We have to go back on Friday to have him weighed. She's a bit concerned with how long it takes him to feed, so I've contacted a lactation consultant to make sure we're feeding as efficiently as possible for his developmental age.

MIL has been a great help. I'm able to spend most of the day gazing at Seanibear and feeding him. I'm still on the same restrictions next week, so that will be interesting to see how it goes since she won't be here.

I've lost 25 lbs so far! I still have a ways to go since I gained so much but I'm not too worried.

Oh, and for situations I never thought I'd find myself in: Sean and I have been going upstairs with DH when he goes to bed since I won't carry Sean up stairs while still on Percocet and it gives us a bit of time just the three of us. I had to go to the bathroom and Sean wouldn't let me put him down and I couldn't wait long enough to put him to sleep so I brought him with me because DH was sleeping and MIL was in his nursery so I couldn't put him in his crib. He decides he's hungry at this point and so I have to start Breastfeeding while going to the bathroom! What an interesting experience!

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