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November 9th, 2012, 10:52 AM
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Those who're pretty sure their babies are teething, do they get more fractious at a particular time of day? Do their cheeks, face or head flush or feel hot?

I never especially noticed with Daniel but then he was a placid baby and he was born with a couple of teeth so maybe he never really felt the agony of "first tooth" cutting.

Michaela definitely feels worse from it in the evening. She is fussier, crankier, cries a lot and wants to be held, not to mention trying to cram her whole fist in her mouth. She makes herself puke sometimes from putting her fingers in too far if we can't pull them out fast enough. She wants her paci more, we have tried several teethers and she hasn't taken to any of them yet. Her face and the back of her neck get hot and we end up stripping her down to vest and nappy until late evening. We rub Bonjela on her gums and it calms her for a time.

All this and I was feeling around in there after her last feed and nada, not a single sharp end of tooth through the gums yet, poor little love.

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