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November 9th, 2012, 04:11 PM
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How have all of you been here lately? How are your kiddos?

I've just been dropping in my PR lately. Didn't visit much because of my keyboard before, and after I got a new one, I was really really busy. Still busy! lol

Alice is doing alright. I'm not extremely happy with her teacher this year, but she's not horrible, I guess. Just doesn't seem to try enough, I suppose. They tell me things like they can't get Alice to mimic sounds, and on the spot I can get my child to say a word within 3 seconds. I thought people with speech therapy degrees would do a better job. Oh, well.

Someone tried to abduct her last month. Pulled up beside my driveway to call her over. They hauled @ss when they saw me. So no jumping on her trampoline anymore alone. It has a net and tent. We would leave her in there for a bit before. Now we are investing in a 6.5-7 foot fence. I live in a pretty safe area--I thought. I live next door to a church. Alice didn't even budge when they called her, always in her own little world. Called the cops, filed reports. I got upset a couple days later when a neighbor came to warn me about the same people trying to get another child. They saw the vehicle CLEARLY, and didn't bother trying to get the plate number OR call the cops. So I did again, and now there is a lot of extra patrolling out here.

I'm making her a Sesame Street quiet book for Christmas. I am so excited about it. She tries to steal the pages, and the characters aren't even on them yet. lol

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