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November 9th, 2012, 10:35 PM
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11/10/12 cd 26-12

Last update unless I get a real bfp
those 3 possible bfps I think are evaps.
because I took a test last [email protected] 7pm
after a 3 hour urine hold and did not see a
line on the Frer....maybe that whitesh line
that I always see but not a 2nd pink line
(I had a gutt feeling that my "possible pregnancy"
is a possible Is not pregnant. I am happy in that
I know my hubby's raw feelings have not changed
that he hopes not yet about me getting pregnant any
time soon. but if it is God's will....that is the only real
factor that matters to us spiritually. We get to enjoy
our daughter as only baby. I will try not to test til cd 28/29
but af is expected to come today.
I did get disappointed....but @ the same time I am happy
cause my husband's happiness does matter....I hope he knows
that. I am not getting exited about bfps unless l get lines
plus a test that saids "pregnant" til then I need to not get so exited
next time lol......... Love my daughter. counting down to when she
turns 6 months 12/7, I hope she is sitting up un assisted by then.

did try her on baby food last night and she did well....rice cereal then carrots (i know i was suppose to do an un sweet veggie but did not) she seemed to prefer the rice cereal over the carrots but still ate both
after awhile i think she got a little frusterated cause I was taking too long between bites because feeding a baby with a spoon (is a lot slower) than just breastfeeding or bottle feeding, they get use to the quickness of liquids. so anyway I am happy that 2/3rds of the time she would eat.....that is good enough for [email protected] months old. neway most likely l will be back 12/7

wonder why I had a pregnancy dream like that ugh! lol !

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