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November 10th, 2012, 01:08 PM
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I realized that I was inundating thread with all the gritty details of ttc so I thought I'd just start something here to keep track.

Stats (as of 11/11/12):

Today is CD14. We are ttc#2 but this is our first REAL cycle.
I am taking prenatals and EPO. We have been Bding every day since CD8.
My cm has been creamy and getting more plentiful over the past several days. Today I finally found the first traces of EWCM. It's still mixed with lots of creamy cm (or semen?) but it's definitely EWCM so I will prob be Oing today or tomorrow which means lots of BDing.
Today I had a significant BM (I know, ew...) so I don't know if that's linked to Oing or not as I have the same thing happen right before my period almost every cycle.

CD16- So now I'm thoroughly confused. Each cycle I usually have a ton of EWCM to tell mw when I O but this time I only had the teeniest amount of mucus looking substance- just a couple smudges worth. And now it seems like my cervix is slowly getting firmer. If I Oed already, then I think I'm golden because we BDed almost every day, but just in case I'm Oing late, we're going to BD every other day for a few days. I definitely don't want to miss it after all that "work".

CD19(5dpo)- I have accepted at this point that I have Oed. My cm has become much less abundant and very tacky. The good thing about that is that DH and I "did our duty" to get a tiny baby bean here, now it's up to the universe. That being said, my body is doing some odd things but I know that it can't possibly be anything real because I'm only like 4 or 5 dpo. I'm getting little pokes and tugs in my abdomen and my breasts are sore already (they usually get sore right before AF, but not before). FXed

CD20(6dpo)- I got some spotting today. A swipe of red and some pink behind. No panty liner or anything needed.

CD21/22(7-8dpo)- Gassy. Feeling very positive about pregnancy. I'm sure that I am, with the IB. Not too many people actually believe me.

CD23(9dpo)- I've had some cramps all day. They weren't awful most of the day but starting at about 4ish pm they started getting pretty intense. I thought at first that they were gas pains but now I'm sure they're not. The worst ones are located right beneath my c/s incision scar (right above the pubic bone).
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