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November 11th, 2012, 03:10 AM
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A picture is as powerful as a thousand words, or so they say.

Pictures of archangels are not only inspiring. They help align our energies with that of the archangel, facilitating their help in our lives. Remember angels cannot intervene without permission from us, and having an image of an archangel somewhere prominent gives them daily permission to help in our daily lives.

As a member of a forum, you have a particular tool where you can multiply the amount of times per day you encounter an angel image: your graphics allowance.

Your avatar represents how you perceive yourself, so having an angel or archangel image there helps bring out the angel in you or align yourself with the qualities of that particular archangel.

Your signature represents your life and how it is going at any given moment. Having angel or archangel images there signal to the angels or a particular archangel that you wish to work with them. It also brings any special qualities into your life and brings a sense of balance, harmony and peace to your life in general.

To add any of these images, you first need to right click and save the images you want, and upload them to Photobucket. In your user CP, you can copy the URL code from Photobucket into the avatar tool, or the IMG code from Photobucket into the signature editor. PM me if you have any problems.

If you don't see the archangel you want to work with, you can browse the web for your own image and it's easy to re-size them if you wish in any image editing tool - even Paint does the job. Please share any you make yourself here. If you decide to do this, please also post to say which ones you're using and why.

Archangel Jophiel - joy, balance, clearing, refreshing, energy, abundance

Archangel Haniel - femininity, sensitivity, romance, fertility, moon magick, female cycles, sensuality and reproduction

Archangel Chamuel - unconditional love, self-love, self-esteem, justice

Archangel Raphael - universal healing

Archangel Metatron - ascension, spiritual development, geometric healing shapes, order from chaos, indigo and crystal children

Archangel Michael - protection, courage, spiritual development, or call on Michael whenever you feel lost or unsure who to call on

Archangel Uriel - taking action, decisiveness, manifestation, (male) passion, masculinity

Archangel Raziel - high magick, ritual, alchemy, transformation, connecting with the divine, psychic development

Archangel Sandalphon - musical, artistic or creative expression, grounding, clarity, channelling

Archangel Raguel - harmony, healing rifts and relationships, family and tradition

Archangel Jeremiel - overcoming obstacles, light at the end of the tunnel, peace

Archangel Gabriel (yellow ray) - purpose, destiny, writing inspiration, channelling, messenger of important life events

Archangel Ariel - lion-hearted, bravery, animal lovers and understanding animal wisdom, warrior, (female) passion

Archangel Cassiel - angel of dark times, rest, recuperation, taking time for yourself or better time management

Archangel Zadkiel - keeper of the violet flame, angel of transformation

Sorry about the size, it's the only one I have of Zadkiel.

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