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November 11th, 2012, 11:36 AM
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1 week 5 days old

Sean had his newborn photos taken on Friday. He was such a great model and the photographer was so impressed at how well he did! She said that we got so many more shots than she usually does from a session. I was so proud!

Sean's second pediatrician appointment went well! He gained 6 oz, although I'm not quite sure how much of that is real vs. the supplementation we did to get him sleepy for his newborn photos. We gave him some formula because we were out of expressed milk and I didn't have time to nurse. I'm sure feeding him right before we left for the appt helped show weight gain, too. But, he's been wanting to feed ever 1.5-2 hours this past week so I think he's going through a growth spurt and it was probably partly coincidence in timing.

The lactation consultant is great! She did phone consultations with me. Sean was nursing around 40 minutes per side, so taking about 1.5 hours per feed. The lactation consultant said that an entire session should take 20-45 minutes so he was taking way too long! (I wish they'd mentioned this in the hospital, instead they'd say it was great!) I'm supposed to let him nurse for no more than 15 minutes per side, then pump for 10 minutes to get what he didn't and feed him that in a bottle. She said that he's taking so long to feed that she thinks he's using too many calories and that's preventing him from gaining the weight. I've noticed that my supply in my right breast is going down a bit and it was making me nervous. The lactation consultant is not concerned and thinks it's just due to normal fluctuations, but this morning I was able to get more from the right side than I've been getting so I think Sean is not nursing as well from the right side as he is from the left, and the pumping is helping to build my supply back up on the right. Since I'm pumping so much I got one of those pumping bustiers and I'm so glad I did! It makes it so much easier! I just need to work on taking out the flanges without making a mess.

MIL was a great help, but of course she was force feeding me way too much food! It was nice to have the help, though. I'm on my own this week, which has me a bit nervous, but at least I'm done with the Percocet so I can carry Seanibear up and down stairs. I'm still not allowed to do anything except basic caring for Sean until next weekend, but I'll have to eat lunch and breakfast so I'll have to stretch it a bit. Just listen to my body I guess. I'm going to have to drive and carry Sean in his carrier two days before I'm supposed to since I want to go to the breastfeeding support group to get feedback on our technique on Thursday and then Friday Sean has his 2 week checkup. I'm just going to do nothing else those two days and make sure to wear my support belt since the concern is that I'll pop the stitches in my uterus before it's healed enough. I feel okay pushing it a tiny bit those two days since it's so close to when I'm allowed to drive and carry him anyways.

I ordered a postpartum support belt and I'm so glad I did! It really helps with my incision, so if any of you end up with a c-section order one if your hospital doesn't give you one (My hospital used to but doesn't anymore for reasons I can't remember.)

I also highly recommend the Always Infinity pads. They are super thin like a panty liner but they absorb just as well as the monstrous pads the hospital gives. I've been using the overnight ones and they've been perfect. I was told there is less bleeding after a c-section than a vaginal delivery but the moms in my DDC also recommended these for a vaginal delivery and I've had plenty of room for more absorption when I've changed them.

We're doing a Thanksgiving with DH's family today. Sean will get two uses out of his First Thanksgiving outfit! He's meeting BIL, BIL's girlfriend, and one set of his great-grandparents today. FIL is also here. They promised to do all the cooking and cleaning so we don't have to do anything. I'm glad that they decided to do this.

Today is Sean's first Patriots game day. Go Pats! Sean does this thing where he'll raise one arm and stick out his pointer finger. I'm trying to get a photo of him doing that on his own, but he's always so quick with it I'm not holding my breath. I did take a photo of him decked out in Pats gear and I held up his finger for him. He also has raised both arms as if to say "Touchdown!" today. Another great photo op we probably won't be able to catch. He needs to work on his timing, though. He keeps doing it when it's not an actual touchdown!

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