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November 12th, 2012, 11:52 AM
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So Wednesday, bm leaves a message saying she's having trouble with dsd & that dsd wants to come & live with us. We have her for Thanksgiving (which is normal) and we can have her for all of Christmas break (we usually only do New Years). OK fine. We've wanted this for years.

But the crazy just drops the bomb & then doesn't return any of dh's phone calls. What is up with that? This isn't an extra weekend or something. This is a major life event for dsd & us. They currently live 4 hours away so it's a big move getting all her stuff here plus we'd have to register her for school.

No bm has never done anything like this before so we think she's at least somewhat serious but we don't know. They may have just had a big fight & it's blown over by now. But we'd really like to know

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