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November 12th, 2012, 01:02 PM
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13 days old

I'm already upset at how quickly he's growing and he is only about 2 weeks old! I'm sure I'll love seeing him grow up and get to know his personality and see what his interests are, but he is so different already. I can't believe we are still not even at my EDD! He could still be inside me if I hadn't had the pre-eclampsia! I'll have to do a special picture on Sunday for his EDD.

Oh, and for those of you who I don't have on FB, but comment regularly, the photo in the birth story is the only photo of Sean I plan to post on here. I'm just trying to protect our privacy so if you're someone I know well enough and you want to see pictures, PM me for FB friend request.

Today has gone pretty well so far. It was difficult doing breakfast since both Sean and I needed to eat at the same time. I'm having DH pick up some Toaster Strudels on his way home because I'm usually a cereal eater and I think my cereal eating is going to have to be on the weekends when DH is here for a while. I need something that I can eat while nursing Sean.

We did some baby exercises this morning. I have this book called Baby Steps that my SSIL is lending us. I can't do all of the exercises with him yet because of my incision but we did a couple of exercises I can do. We also did about 2 minutes of tummy time with him laying on my chest. He can hold his head up for about 3-4 seconds if we're sitting up but it's a lot harder when we're laying down so he only was able to hold his head up for a second. He did a great job with his exercises and I am so proud of him!

I think sometimes "sleep when the baby sleeps" needs to be "eat when the baby sleeps." Sean is sleeping right now and I'm tired enough to nap, but I chose to eat and get caught up online instead. I've been horrible about updating my family blog so I wanted to get a post up today! I'll have to wake him up in a few minutes to nurse and when he sleeps later I'll probably try to nap. I think he's done with his grown spurt. Yesterday and today he hasn't wanted to eat nearly as much as he did before. One of the questions I want to find out the answer to at my breastfeeding support group on Thursday is what to do when he finishes these growth spurts after this first month of making sure to feed every three hours to build supply is over since I get uncomfortable at about 2.5-3 hours. Do I just take it as an opportunity to pump and store if he doesn't want to eat? Also, if I'm pumping off the extra, do I store that if he's not hungry enough to eat it? It's not a balanced meal if it doesn't have the foremilk so I don't really like the idea of storing it. I also want to find out from the LC on Thursday how to get him to feed better from my right side. I'm not sure if there is a difference in my letdown or what, but I can see a visual difference in his suckling between the two sides. I'm so glad we have resources around like these support groups and LCs. As difficult as breastfeeding is, it's important to me to do this for him for his first year and I don't know what I'd do without these resources!

As hard as this morning was with no help, it's nice to have some time to ourselves to finally start bonding as our family of three and working on settling into a routine. We have not had a single day to ourselves in two weeks and DH and I are not the most outgoing of people and need our time to ourselves! The one day we haven't had visitors was in the hospital and we had nurses and the lactation consultant around. I also can't wait until I can start cloth diapering him! Since we'll only have three days between when I'm allowed to do laundry and when we're going to my parents' for Thanksgiving, I think I'll wait to start CDing until after we come back.

Now I'm off to snuggle with my baby boy.

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