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November 12th, 2012, 08:06 PM
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With Ally we got rid of it gradually. When she was a baby she used it anytime, especially while sleeping and in the car. Then we slowly made it so she only had it when she slept and when in the car. When she got to be 18 months she entered a new room at daycare and they only allowed it during nap times so we decided it was time for her to only have it when she slept. We then took it down to not having it at nap time and only at night by two and a half. Shortly after we took it away entirely and by that time she would ask about it occasionally but didn't get upset about not having it.

Now with Samantha it is all for me to do because I am a stay at home mom now and she is not in daycare. Right now she is two and is only allowed to have it when she sleeps. So, the next step is for me to take it away at nap time and I know I need to get on that soon... I've just been lazy about it not wanting to fight it.

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