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November 13th, 2012, 10:33 AM
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My girl is now 13 months old and never really did take to the bottle. It was very hard at times! Especially since she has a very fast metabolism and would eat every hour and half or two). We tried several things but none really seemed to work really well. I did notice though that if we did wait until she was super hungry that she was often so frustrated that she didn't even want to try and suck from the bottle. CIO (crying it out) can work for some things but with taking bottles I have found it not to work very well. I'd try maybe and offer her a bottle before she starts getting hungry. So, when you know it's about time for her feeding - offer the bottle then before she starts wanting boob. I noticed that Kynslee would sometimes drink an ounce or two then of pumped milk before wanting the breast. maybe keep trying to catch her before hungry and getting a few ounce via bottle in her and then every day try and slowly work on her getting a full bottle down - once she gets a few ounces down bf her as a way to "praise" her and then try and slowly stop offering the boob at the end. I wish I had worked at getting Kynslee to drink from a bottle more but I finally just gave up and wold bf her. I wish now that I had stayed at it and she would take a bottle.
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