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November 13th, 2012, 01:22 PM
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Thanks, Karin. I'd love to get some but we need to focus on Christmas right now.

2 weeks old

Posting from my phone with my sweet baby boy in my arms.

Sean is sleeping great stretches at night. One 4 hour stretch and one 5 hour stretch and that's with me waking him up to feed. I hope he sleeps this well in a few weeks when I can just let him sleep! I'm trying not to obsess about my supply since both my pedi and the LC said it was ok and I seem to be producing ample milk for now but I'm finding worrying about Sean is just reality now.

Sean giggled in his sleep this morning! I was on the phone with my mom so she got to hear his first giggle too. The timing was funny since my mom had just told me a funny story about my dad that I laughed and then heard him! It was so cute!

I cannot wait until I can get things done around the house. I'm enjoying snuggling my baby boy, buyer he sleeps so much right now that I could use some of the time to clean up a bit. Only a few more days, though!

I think I'll take Sean to see Santa on Friday either before or after his pedi appt. I think with his age and lack of immunizations it'll be best to get it done before the big rush after Thanksgiving. I'm going to dress him in his reindeer outfit for the photo! He'll be so cute!

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